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Season Materials

what you need to do to participate in the Elegoo Competition Tournament.
(Updated May 31, 2021)

Game related documents

Game Manual: all the details and instructions for this season’s game. (April 11, 2021)
Game Update 01: game updates and Q&A dated February 22, 2021.
Game Update 02: game updates and Q&A dated March 22, 2021.
Game Update 03: game updates and Q&A dated March 29, 2021.
Game Update 04: game updates and Q&A dated April 11, 2021.
Kit of Parts: all the materials you’ll need to compete. (Updated Feb. 20, 2021)
Tournament Manual: everything you need to know about the competition. (July 12, 2021)
YouTube Livestream: our official release of the game manual for 2021.
Kit of Parts overview: workshop about the different part of the KoP.

Elegoo Competition software and instructions

ESP-01: Installation and configuration instructions for the ESP-01 wifi module.
The latest version of Firmware for the ESP-01 is 0.9.9 (dated April 14, 2021). The firmware should be kept updated by using the link on the ESP-01’s configuration page. The ESP-01 must be connected to WiFi with an internet connection in order to update the firmware.
If the Firmware version on your ESP-01 is 0.9.5 and you are unable to update, please ask for assistance on the elegoo-kit-help channel on Discord.

In order to use the Web Based applications with the Elegoo, you will need to install the Waterloo Wellington FIRST Certificate Authority (CA) on your device. Certificate Authorities are digital certificates that are used to validate other SSL certificates. The process for installing a CA is different from platform to platform:

The desktop Arduino IDE needs to be extended in order to work with the ESP-01.
WIFI for Arduino IDE: Instructions to extend ESP-01.

DuinoApp IDE
A version of the web-based DuinoApp IDE for Arduino that works with the ESP-01 WiFi module can be found at DuinoApp lets you develop Arduino code using Google Chrome, and should work on any platform (Windows, Linux, Android, etc.).

Driver Station
Check out the Web-App based Driver Station. If you are using Google Chrome, you can install the Driver Station as a Progressive Web App (PWA) by clicking the install icon at the right side of the address bar. Installing the DriverStation creates a desktop icon and lets you run the app without being connected to the internet.

In order to be able to use a controller to drive your robot, you’ll need to access the code in DriverStation.h. The code allows you to, amoung other things, read the values of your controller’s joysticks and buttons. Sample code, including the DriverStation.h file, can be downloaded here.


Programming Workshops

Find links to recorded workshops here.