The encoder wheel doesn’t fit.

I was able to attach the wheel encoder but the wheel won’t fit unless I loosen a screw on the motor.

Make sure to add the motor spacers between the aluminum motor mount and the bottom plate!
I recently added video explains how to do the installation (and use the beam break sensors):

Want to add some of those kit-of-parts electronics to your Elegoo but have no idea where to connect what?

Start with this introduction to the Arduino Uno Pinout:

Additional Hints:

  • “Pinout” means the mapping of physical pins to internal microcontroller functionality.
  • Many pins can do more than one thing. None of them can do everything.
  • The I/O expansion board in your kit will give you 8 more inputs/outputs. It connects to the Arduino over the I2C bus (using up two more pins!).
  • The Elegoo kit uses up almost all of the pins on the Arduino. You’ll have to get creative and make trade-offs.

I built the Elegoo Smart Robot Car. What’s next?

First of all, make sure to disconnect the Bluetooth module and connect the ESP-01 WiFi board. Check out instructions and test the connection on our resources webpage. When asked for SSID and network key, you need to type in your home WiFi SSID. (The SSID is case sensitive!)

The next step would be to start programming the various components to make sure they work. Check out our workshops for more information.

For a more generic look at Arduino programming, try looking through any of these YouTube videos on Arduino (by Paul McWorter):