Thank you to everyone who participated in the WWFIRST Elegoo Competition! We know that everyone was tired of online meetings but we hope that the Elegoo Competition provided some fun opportunities to learn about robotics.

The championship competition had some very capable robots and in Division 1, there was only 1 point difference between our winner and 2nd place robot.

The full match results and videos will be shared through our Discord Channel.

A list of all the awards is available here.

We have a number of prizes and decided to base our awards on those awarded by FRC, and planned to award each of the FRC awards in each division. Since there were fewer robots than there were awards in each division, we chose the award we felt was best suited to each robot.

Winners of each of the awards are eligible to receive one of the following prizes. We will contact each award winner for their selection(s).

Hexbug Balancing Boxing Bot (3 available)
Avengers Coding Kit (4 available)
LittleBits space Rover Inventor Kit (2 available)
LittleBits Electronic Music Inventor Kit (3 available)

Thank you again to everyone who took part in the competition!  Hopefully the 2021-2022 FRC season will be closer to normal.