Division 1:

Challenge Champion: Tristan from Team 2702 (80 points)

Innovation in Control Award: Tristan from Team 2702
Tristan’s robot was able to score a cup in Autonomous, but his code to improve the driving sensitivity of his robot was key to his success in clearing all cups from the field.

Industrial Design Award: Laila from Team 2702
Laila incorporated LEGO pieces to build a very effective elevator that allowed her to reliably stack cups and place them on the platform.

Quality Award: Mathieu from Team 4917
Mathieu wanted his elevator to be extremely reliable and strong. Incorporating triangular bracing into his 3D printed elevator components ensured that the elevator would not twist or jam.

Excellence in Engineering Award: Holden from Team 4917
Holden’s robot evolved significantly through the competition, each week gaining more functionality until he had a fully functional elevator.

Division 2:

Challenge Champion: Sonia from Team 4917 (74 points)

Autonomous Award: Jessica from Team 4917
Jessica’s robot was able to successfully score 3 cups in autonomous and still make it to the D Zone!

Creativity Award: Sonia from Team 4917
Sonia’s pincer gripper was simple and effective, enabling Sonia to score all cups with seconds to spare!

Quality Award: Connor from Team 4917
Connor’s very simple “cup catcher” was effective and solid, eliminating any chance of a failure during competition.

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