Elegoo Competition Update

Due to the lower number of participants, the Championship will run differently.

Here are the relevant changes:

  1. The Virtual Championship Show Case has been cancelled
  2. Each participant can chose from one of two options for the Championship game:
    – Use the highest scored game video
    – Send in one extra (4th) game video
  3. We will still have awards for participants selected by the highest score and judges.

The tournament manual will be available reflecting these changes.

Tournament Registration is Open !

It’s finally here! If you’re planning on participating in the tournament or just want your practice matches judged, please check out the resources page. There is a big button to the Tournament Quick Guide that will direct you to the registration form and spell out everything else that you need to participate (including a couple of how-to videos).

We also updated the tournament manual!
We mainly took out the references to the VRM and a few other small tweaks!

Beside this we also made another set of workshop videos available on our YouTube Channel.

Please sign up! We have 78 subscribers for our YouTube Channel and we really want to reach the 100 level very soon! Let your friends and family know so we might grow.

Meanwhile sign up for the tournament as quickly as possible!

Lots of important updates!

We have lots of updates for you this week!

We added a few more Frequently Asked Questions to our Knowledge Base.

We also added several workshops: 3 Elegoo Crash courses, a workshop about Gearboxes and we have the last instalment of the interview workshops. This one is about in-person interviews and we had Rob Gorbet talk about Chairman’s Interview.

At this moment we have a total of 38 workshops available on our YouTube channel. Sign up!

Beside the above workshops, we added the full set of ArduBlock lessons (courtesy of the CyberCavs). Check these out if you are interested in block coding.

Lastly, we have an update on the dates for the upcoming 2021 Elegoo Competition!

Video submissions for the Practice Matches are set for the following dates:

Practice 1 : May 30, 2021 8AM – June 3, 2021 8AM
Practice 2 : June 12, 2021 8AM – June 17, 2021 8AM

Qualification 1 : July 4, 2021 8AM – July 8, 2021 8AM
Qualification 2: July 11, 2021 8AM – July 15, 2021 8AM
Qualification 3: July 18, 2021 8AM – July 22, 2021 8AM

Championship: Thursday July 29, 2021 evening event.

All dates are set! BUT – If for some reason you cannot submit videos during the set dates and times, please contact the event organizers ASAP. We will allow for alternative submissions and the event organizers will release YOUR videos at the set times above.

To contact the event organizers with your request, please send an email to .

More details about the sign up and submission of the videos for the upcoming competition will be made available very soon!

Meanwhile, please read the Game Manual and Tournament Manual very carefully to ensure you are ready for the 2021 Elegoo Competition.

Workshops and FAQ’s you do not want to miss!

Do we have many updates and resources for you !

Now that we are moving into full swing and robots have been built, it is time to provide you with more resources to create attachments and program the robots for the upcoming competition.

We released our Knowledge Base / FAQ on our website, so you can quickly find some of the common questions and answers.

We also released a lot of new workshops, ranging from mechanical, 3D printing to crash courses into the additional Kit of Parts. We are also continuing with the interviewing skills for High School Students. Go check out the different workshops and expand your knowledge in a fun way!

If you have any other questions, please visit our Discord Server!

April game updates, tournament manual and workshops

This is our 4rd Game Updates (dated April 11, 2021) and it’s a must read! Once again it’s available on our resources webpage.

We also posted the Tournament Manual which details the requirement to participate and how the competition will work. Once again read careful, follow the instructions in detail and pose any questions you might have in Discord. This is also available on our resources webpage.

We will soon post a Frequently Asked Questions page on our website as well. Keep an eye out for this useful resource!

Lastly, our workshops are moving ahead again and you might want to watch these, especially as it pertains to the actual programming of the Elegoo Smart Robot Car! But don’t forget to look at the Mechanical, Marketing and Interviewing Skills for High School Students workshops!
Check out the workshops on our calendar and if you missed one or two, check out our YouTube Channel. While you are there, subscribe to it !!!

Game update, workshops and more!

This is the 3rd Game Updates (dated March 29, 2021) and I highly recommend you read it very carefully! Once again it’s available on our resources webpage.

We also posted all the Elegoo Competition software and instructions. These are required in order to enter the tournament! Once again read careful, follow the instructions in detail and pose any questions you might have in Discord. Everything is also available on our resources webpage.

Lastly, our workshops are moving in higher gear now! Due to the upcoming holidays there are a few less workshops, however they are all very useful for the competition and possible attachments and modifications you might want to make to your robot. Check out the workshops on our calendar and if you missed one or two, check out our YouTube Channel. While you are there, subscribe to it !!!

Game updates and workshops

We just posted the 2nd Game Updates on our resources webpage (dated March 22, 2021).

Beside a few updates, we are working hard to bring you the tournament manual. However, you will have to wait a little longer due to the virtual nature of the competition. Stay tuned!

Lastly, this week we are featuring several new workshops, please check them out on our calendar. The workshops include AutoDesk Inventor Part 3, Marketing Part 3 and another mechanical workshop, this time they are looking at grippers! This might be interesting and useful for the Elegoo Competition…

Kit of Parts – Important update

We are very excited to announce:
Kit of Parts (KoP) will be available
the week of March 22, 2021.

A message from your WWFIRST Game Design Committee

Each participating team will receive the number of Kits of Parts according to their requested numbers. Stay tuned for a message from your team mentors for the actual distribution of the Kit of Parts.

In the meanwhile, WWFIRST will host a Kit of Parts presentation over Zoom this coming Monday, March 15, 2021 at 7:00PM. You can follow the full presentation at https://zoom.us/j/97326414893 (passcode available on Discord Server) and YouTube Live Stream https://youtu.be/aH88VupVj08.

Check the calendar for more details!

Monday March 8 updates

There are no new game updates at this moment. There are a few outstanding questions to be answered and these will be released very soon!

In the meanwhile we had a third instalment of Arduino Basics in our workshops line up. This one provided information about sensors. You might want to have a look at it, since this might be useful for the competition.

This week we will also introduce a workshop about AutoDesk Inventor, which will run parallel with our new workshops about Solidworks xDesign.

On Wednesday we will have our first business workshop: An intro to Marketing Concepts (the first in a series).

Lastly, on Friday we will re-run the Mechanical workshop about Essential Tools.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us!