This is our 4rd Game Updates (dated April 11, 2021) and it’s a must read! Once again it’s available on our resources webpage.

We also posted the Tournament Manual which details the requirement to participate and how the competition will work. Once again read careful, follow the instructions in detail and pose any questions you might have in Discord. This is also available on our resources webpage.

We will soon post a Frequently Asked Questions page on our website as well. Keep an eye out for this useful resource!

Lastly, our workshops are moving ahead again and you might want to watch these, especially as it pertains to the actual programming of the Elegoo Smart Robot Car! But don’t forget to look at the Mechanical, Marketing and Interviewing Skills for High School Students workshops!
Check out the workshops on our calendar and if you missed one or two, check out our YouTube Channel. While you are there, subscribe to it !!!